It’s that time of year to shake off the heavier clothes and get into something light, colorful, and comfortable. This of course begs the question- what about the accessories? Jewelry can adorn any outfit both formal and casual. The secret to staying ahead of the fashion game, is to be on top of your own fashion game. That’s where we’ve come in! It can be overwhelming to search high and low in the great sea of the internet. So, we’ve done it for you. Below are a few fashion jewelry tips to help you style it up this summer!


Metal It Up!

We don’t mean head banging rock n’ roll (even though we can never frown upon classic rock.) We’re talking good old fashion, simple, metal pieces of jewelry. Summer of 2018 is showing us that less is more in the metal department. You don’t need the additions of fancy stones or other material. Like this gold, knotted metal cuff for example. This cuff is perfect to demonstrate the golden summer sun in 2018. Wear it perfectly with combinations of navy blue and white to complete that nautical look. If gold isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There’s no discrimination in the metal department this summer. Check out this beautiful, simple, silver chain with a knotted pendant. Silver represents a modern elegancy, while simultaneously reflecting the spray of the ocean and soft summer wind. Silver goes with just about everything. Perfect with those denim shorts, light colored tank top, and light colored sneakers or flip-flops. Of course, don’t ignore the rose gold color either! No, it isn’t overdone, and always adds a splash of simple elegance to just about any outfit.


Let’s Talk Mixing

The great thing about summer 2018 is that matching is out, and mixing it up is in. Yes, you read that right, you don’t need to perfectly match your accessories and no one can make fun of you! If you want to mix gold and silver this summer, you’re more chic than the person who is afraid to do it! Do not be afraid to layer it up with multi-colored metal pieces for that two toned look. Sometimes, rules were just meant to be broken in all of the right ways. Shattering this particular rule yields the highest rewards when it comes to your fashion accessories this summer season. This will open up a whole new world of creativity and self expression. Don’t just follow the rules, make your own and leave out the rest.