Looking Ahead to Fall 2018 Trends

Looking Ahead to Fall 2018 Trends

We’ve covered a few fashion jewelry tips to watch out for this Summer, and don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated with more as we get through the months. With that said, it can’t hurt to look ahead either. Remember, the best way to stay ahead of the fashion game, is to be on top of your own fashion game. Fall 2018 brings a lot in the realm of fashion jewelry. We wanted to quickly share a few trends we’re excited to see in style!

Hoop, Baby- Hoop

Fashion week told us a lot this year. Some people were kind of surprised at what to expect in the world of jewelry. We on the other hand, were excited about it. You might have guessed it, we personally love hoops, and they’re in. Not only are they in, but the bigger the better. Plain metals, or adorned with a stone of your preference, drop-hoop earrings will be swinging in big time by the beginning of fall. A cool thing about hoops, is that you can really sport them with just about any outfit for any occasion. They’re extremely diverse, and there are a wide range of styles out there too. So, don’t be shy when it comes to your hoops. Wear them loudly and proudly! 

“Pearls are Always Appropriate.”

Jackie Kennedy was certainly onto something when she coined this phrase. Pearls are indeed always appropriate. “That simple, elegant pearl necklace looks terrible!” said no one ever. You can’t go wrong with an array of pearl accessories to choose from. There are chokers, long necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings- the list goes on. Fall of this year, flaunt them if you got them.
If not, we’ll be sure to support your dreams and hook you up with the pearls you need.  


Gold, Gold, & Gold

Gold makes the list this Fall. It’s official, it’s happening. Sorry silver lovers! Of course, there’s still room for you in the fashion world. Silver cannot be denied, but gold is forever- at least throughout Fall of 2018. As we start to dust off our warmer weather wardrobe at the end of summer, we’ll see all of those loveable, rugged fall fabrics on our daily commutes. Quite frankly, nothing shines like gold against these styles. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings- wear all of it, and let it be gold! Muhaha!