You Only Get One Birthday Suit!

You Only Get One Birthday Suit!

Summer is about good times. We take vacations, visit with friends and family, and generally spend more time outside in the sun. Remember that old quote? “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Spider-Man said it, or maybe it was his uncle? We digress. The point is, that with great times comes great responsibility. When you play hard, you have to work hard at taking care of yourself. So, we’ve put together 3 beauty and health tips for you to follow while you party hardy this summer!

You Only Get One Birthday Suit

Don’t be conservative with sunscreen! Lather it! Love it! Protect your skin.

Seriously though, whether or not you’re living in the sunshine state with us, it’s important to remember that the sun can be as harmful as it is amazing. We’re all familiar with SPF and how it works, right? SPF followed by the number means how often you should be applying. SPF 15, every 15 minutes. SPF 30, every 30 minutes, and so on.  Probably less if you’re frequently in the water. Sunscreen wants to be your friend, so let it!


Don’t just think SPF though, think UV rays. There’s UVB rays, which are responsible for burning, and UVA rays, which cause premature aging and skin cancer. Pick up a product that offers a broad spectrum of protection, and prepare to receive thank you cards from your future self! 

Timing is Everything

Cliché, we know, but it’s true! Especially when it comes to exfoliation. Yes, we said the E-word, and we can already feel your focus intensifying. Indeed, this is highbrow stuff.


Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new, radiant skin. The issue here is that newer skin is more sensitive when you do this, which makes you more prone to burning. So, instead of exfoliating in the morning before you head out for fun in the sun, try doing it in the evening. That way your fresh skin will have some time to strengthen before you continue cooking yourself to get that perfect tan!

Your Face is Always Changing in Summer

As summer carries on and you’ve logged countless hours of R&R, you’re ready for a night out with loved ones. You put on that outfit to show off your new tan, you’ve accessorized with the right jewelry (provided by yours truly), your hair is done, and it’s time for the make up. You put on your foundation, and whoops! It’s way, way too light. You now look like you’re auditioning for the next It movie.

Don’t forget to visit your favorite make up store while you transition from a lighter shaded ski bunny, to a tan beach bunny. Plan ahead for the potential of going two shades tanner by the end of summer. Pick up one shade darker at the beginning of May, and the next shade at the end of July. If you never end up using the darker of them, it can’t hurt to give a random gift to someone who might, right?